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Visualise an exotic island paradise and Bali comes to mind. Its steady climate throughout the year makes for a wonderful holiday destination. Bali boasts rugged and lush mountains, coral reefs, palm fringed beaches, picturesque natural wonders and breathtaking tropical vistas. A treasure trove of unforgettable experiences.

The streets of Bali are alive with activity and unique charm, while exotic landscaped resorts create serenity within. Whatever your perfect holiday, Bali has it covered. Relaxation, massages, shopping, nightlife, ceremony, adventure and exploring are all at your fingertips to ensure your getaway is just the way you like it.

Discover more about cultural Bali and explore some ‘need to know’ Facts before travelling.

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    Bali boasts an extensive range of accommodation to suit all budgets and needs. Your choice of where to stay in Bali can cover anything from simple fare to ultra deluxe. They all have amazing tropical settings, that is uniquely Bali and are of excellent value. Choose your perfect holiday backdrop and watch the magic happen, from tropical forests and rice terraces to awe-inspiring cliffs and endless beaches or perhaps more cultural pursuits at one of the many traditional villages. All accommodation is subject to a 11% Govt Tax and a 10% Service fee. Check thoroughly that this combination tax is included in your nightly charge, as an extra 21% can substantially alter your end bill, and your budget. Click on these links for more information on Bali Family Holidays, Bali Accommodation Deals and Star Ratings.

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    Flying to Bali

    Ngurah Rai Airport is the major entry point for most visitors to Bali. Also known as the Denpasar Airport, it has 2 terminals serving both Domestic and International travel, connecting visitors from American, Australia, Europe, most of Asia and the rest of Indonesia.

    The international terminal at Ngurah Rai Airport is modern, spacious, well managed and expects over 7 million visitors flying to Bali this year.

    Read more about flying to Bali or perhaps you prefer to catch a ferry.

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    What to do in Bali

    Bali is a wonderful place to take a holiday. It has a wealth of attractions and activities at your fingertips.

    Every land activity and water sport imaginable, from the most serene to the incredibly crazy, can be arranged from the comfort of your accommodation.

    Bali is rich in cultural heritage that is visible everywhere.

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